Scalex Brock A9X Torana + Audio Cassette Adaptor + Car Cover - Gearbox 413

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Our favourite car-related gifts, accessories and gadgets this month

1. Brock's beauty

After the pain of the Ford 1-2 at the 1977 Bathurst 1000, Holden hit back hard the following year with its Torana A9X, in its second year of competition. Bathurst King Peter Brock and Jim Richards buried the Falcon Cobras of Moffat and Bond. Not only did Brock grab pole in the first-ever Hardie’s Heroes top 10 shootout, he and Richards ran away with the race, crossing the finish line a lap ahead of their nearest rival, Alan Grice in another A9X.

2. Wired for sound

Tape -shifter

What a great idea. Got an old car with a cassette player and want to play your favourite tunes stored on your smartphone or ipod? Bracketron has the answer. It’s called the the Bracketron TapeShifter Audio Cassette Adaptor and works with any device that has a 3.5mm audio jack. You load the cassette into the player and plug your phone or MP3 player into the cable at the other end and away you go.

3. Badgers?

Savanna -badge

Err, no, actually, not the furry subterranean critters that ruin bowling greens. I’m talking about chrome car badges. Muscle Car Parts Australia has a range of reproduction badges to suit most makes and models including the Mazda Savanna from the 70s.

It’s not just the rear quarter badges (pictured) that are available. Muscle Car Parts Australia also has badges for the pillars, grille, dash, - anywhere the badge was originally fitted. You can bet these guys have a repro badge for you

4. Bespoke


If you are lucky enough to own a classic British sports car like a Jaguar, Aston Martin, MG, Healey or Triumph and you are looking for new or replacement wire wheels, head to Australian Classic Wire wheels and grab a set of Dunlop Wire wheels. They’re made under license by Motor Wheel Services of England and are designed to look as close as possible to the original wheel, but better.

5. Mini Rozzers

Car -models

Remember playing cops and robbers with your Matchbox, Corgi or Dinky models on the lounge room floor, the good guys chasing the bad guys? Well here’s your chance to re-live your childhood with this set of three MGBs dressed to the nines in the colours and stripes of the Lancashire Constabulary. Apparently pommy rozzers have had a hankering for MGs as workhorses since the mid-thirties and this triple set of MGBs is from the late 60s. They are a great addition to any collection.

6. Undercover

Mustang -car -cover

Talk about buying local. These snug fitting car covers from the Australian Car Cover Company are hand made in Melbourne, using the softest Australian material to protect your investment.

They are easily installed and removed in minutes and come in a choice of seven colours. Not only that, they are machine washable and come with a handy vinyl carry bag. You can even order cutom embroidery. And they don’t cover just cars, but motorbikes, boats, jetskis – you name it.



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