Our three German picks of Pickle’s Gosford Classic Car auction

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Gosford Germans LEAD Gosford Germans LEAD

With the classic Aussie and American iron behind us, let’s take a look at some ripper Germans on offer

The Gosford Classic Car Museum’s auction, hosted by Pickles, is a matter of weeks away taking place on May 26th in Sydney.

We’ve already shone a spotlight on some classic Aussies on offer, as well as some classic Americana, but today we’ve picked out three bahn-storming Germans that we reckon are deserving of your attention.

There’s something for everyone going under the hammer, but for the German fans – this one’s for you.

Lot #9 – 1987 BMW E28 M5

Gosford -Germans -BMW-M5

BMW’s historic sports sedan began with this, the first iteration E28.

When new it was a fastest production sedan in the world and set an industry precedence for four-door car that could comfortably seat five, and cover distance at a never-before-seen rate.

With a coveted BMW M1-derived 3.5lt inline-six, this three-decade-old three-box could sprint to triple digits in 6.2 seconds. Acceptable by today’s standards, and absolutely mind-boggling in its late 80s context.

Gosford -Germans -BMW-M5-interior

This particular E28 M5 may be the one to buy, one of only 283 right-hand examples, with optional sunroof and original colour scheme.

The sale includes original Owner’s Manual and Service Logbook.

Lot #21 – 1981 Porsche 930 Turbo

Gosford -Germans -Porsche -911-Turbo

Porsche’s hallowed turbo models of old began with this, the 930 Turbo.

Upon its release, it was not only Porsche’s flagship range-topper, but also the fastest production car available in Germany.

Like the ’73 RS, it was marketed as a street-legal race car, and was developed in order to appease racing homologation rules at the time.

Gosford -Germans -Porsche -911-Turbo -interior

This ’81 model possesses the higher-displacement 3.3lt flat-six capable of 224kW. It’s handling characteristics were notoriously unforgiving, due to its short wheelbase, rear engine layout and turbo-lag, often catching out drivers with mid-corner snap-oversteer. It's formidable nature gave birth the Porsche’s fabled "Widowmaker" moniker.

This car is one was originally delivered to the UK as a factory RHD car, and was imported to Queensland in 2009. The black leather interior is unrestored and original, and includes all factory features, including optional orthopaedic front seats.

Included in the sale is a log of previous owners, dated timeline of works and fastidious maintenance receipts.

Lot #10 – 1981 BMW E24 634CSi

Gosford -Germans -BMW-635

The E24 6 Series is one of the most beloved BMW silhouettes of recent times. With a graceful long wheelbase and timeless "Sharknose" snout, the E24 was the successor to the iconic and beautiful E9 coupes – and represented a new era of BMW’s modern two-door GTs.

The 635CSi was second only to the fabled M635CSi, and utilised a 3.5lt M90 engine from 1978-1982 model years. Capable of 160kW at the time, the car was no slouch, able to stretch its legs all the way up to 222km/h.

Gosford -Germans -BMW-635-interior

It also boasts significant motorsport provenance here in Australia, as in 1985 Jim Richards helmed a 635CSi to the top of the podium in the Group C Australian Touring Car Championship - in his black and gold JPS car. At the Bathurst 1000 that same year, there were no less than nine 535CSis on the grid, with a European team car finishing in second place.

This car is a factory three-speed manual and comes with service manual and handbook, as well as maintenance receipts.

Pickles’ Gosford Classic Car auction takes place on May 26th in Sydney, view all available lots here!

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