For sale: Original Swihart Edsel Service neon clock

By: Alex Affat

Edsel clock Edsel clock

One for the history collectors, we found this original and functioning Edsel Service clock on eBay

Edsel was a sub-brand of Ford in the late 50s that marks an ambitious project that fell short while trying to chase the commercial success of GM in the US domestic market.

Following the internal development project of an "experimental car", codenamed "E car" – the company name Edsel was chosen and named after Edsel Ford, the lone child of Henry Ford, the company’s founder.

Ford had high hopes for the brand to fill the gap as the Lincoln brand positioned itself further upmarket.

In the lead up to Edsel’s launch, Ford campaigned an aggressive marketing and publicity strategy, teasing the new cars’ opulence, practicality boldly claiming it as the car of the future.

To this day, many automotive enthusiasts know little to nothing of the brand, a testament to its failure. Ford announced it was pulling the plug on Edsel as a company on the 19th of November 1959, just a little over two years since its public introduction on September 4, 1957.

These days, all things Edsel are highly collectible, from cars to all forms of memorabilia.

This clock was found by us on eBay and the seller claims it has been in possession of a die-hard Ford fan since the early 90s.

Apart from the neon tube being replaced, the clock claims to be completely original and functioning.

Wear looks minimal for something over half a century old, and the full listing can be viewed here, currently with a buy it now price of USD$5000.

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