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By: Cliff Chambers

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ferrari daytona ferrari daytona

Looking back through the Unique Cars classifieds...

FERRARI DAYTONA - Advertised October 1995

Few better investments exist in the automotive world than an early, front-engined Ferrari. The Daytona arrived in 1968 just as supercar design was headed towards a mid-engined future and demand for the swoopy V12 has remained strong for 50 years. This one being sold at a tough economic time for Australia was cheap and, as one of only 156 RHD coupes built, would have turned a immediate profit if resold into SE Asia. The international market today suggests that a quality car with plenty of history could add around $1 million to the 1995 asking price.

Then: 295,000. Now: $1.1-1.35M

MERCEDES-BENZ 220SE COUPE - Advertised February 1985

Benz -220se

Well before the rest of the market showed any sign of a ‘boom’, the owner of this Benz decided to cash in and seek 1989-level money for a rare and tidy two-door ‘Ponton’. Fully-imported German cars were a rarity on 1950s Australian roads and even by the 1980s there hadn’t been a flurry of imports. Finding 220SE two-doors of this age on sale locally remains tough and even the European market seems confused as to realistic values. Based on all available information, that hefty $20K from 1985 has likely blossomed into a very welcome $120K.

Then: $20,000. Now: $110-125,000

1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE - Advertised December 1990


Time – apparently – heals all wounds and despite horrifying sports car enthusiasts with its automatic transmission, buyers certainly did show forgiveness to the early Corvette. By 1990, just as the first ‘boom’ in classic car prices was preparing to go bust, up popped up this rarity. The money being sought for a RHD ‘54 was OK at the time but would diminish by 30 percent in the space of four years. Times have now significantly improved and while very early Corvettes remain scarce in Australia, US sales suggest A$100,000 should currently buy a LHD car in condition similar to this one.

Then: $57,500. Now: $100-120,000


Reader's One That Got Away - Holden SS Torana

Torana -ss

My uncle has a genuine SS Torana hatchback for years. It was a factory manual with the 308, silver in colour and had the original orange stipes wearing a set of globes! It sat unused in the backyard after he removed the battery for his ex Australia post van. He ended up selling it for around $900 in the 1990s... Why why why!

TROY AVGOLEMONO  - Hamilton, Qld



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