2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 Black Series – Today’s tempter

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

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One-of-32 in the country, yet it’s cheaper than its modern day offspring

The previous-gen W204 C63 AMG seemed to be the car that really sparked Australia’s uptake with AMG’s sweltering V8 performance cars.

They used to be everywhere on the roads, the chariot of choice for every new-money businessperson who wanted an unruly 358kW (with the AMG Performance Pack) bent-eight with the leather and luxury of an old-money marque.

Then the new generation W205 C63 came out in 2015 and all the bulging muscular W204s all but disappeared. Instantly!

I figured all of these blokes’ leases ran out and they all jumped ship into the current-gen C63.

That left me with a hunch that somewhere there was a yard with all of these old C63s – their godly 6.2lt V8s and all – sitting unwanted, and copping a thorough beating with the depreciation stick.

My hunch was somewhat confirmed this morning when I came across this ad by Dutton Garage, for a 2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series, listed at $174,990.

Let me quickly put that in context: A brand new W205 C63 S Coupe, today, will see you drive away after forking out somewhere in the neighbourhood of $180,000.

I know which one I’d rather own… If I had that sort of money.

The C63 Black Series was the capstone model of the W204 C63, bookending seven years of production. The last naturally aspirated V8 before the downsized, turbo-fed units of today’s C63s.

With R-spec tyres, manic aero, a screaming 380kW 6.2lt V8, and a no-holds barred interior ready for the track- the C63 Black Series had an MSRP price of $245,000 when new.

Let's end with the most interesting figure. This car is only one-of-32 in the country.

While $75,000 of depreciation may not be unusual for any other six year old run-of-the-mill German, limited number Euro sportscars commonly hold their value- or are usually even flipped for a profit in today’s collector climate.

Why this one slipped through the cracks, I’m not sure. But it could be yours! And I’ll be shocked, if you ever run into another one on the road.


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