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vw record runner 3 vw record runner 3

Our favourite car-related gifts and gadgets this month

1. Record Runner

Vinyls are back in vogue and now you don’t have to be at home to play ‘em. Take one record, put it on a flat surface, place the Record Runner Volkswagen bus on top and as it runs laps of your LP the music comes out through the roof. Although the novelty factor is huge, the sound quality is actually pretty good. You’ve probably guessed the needle is under the Kombi. Not sure if can play the old 78s, but it would be fun watching it try. For hours of entertainment, and music too, go to stockyoworld.com US$79.99 


2. 'Nick's' VF Valiant model

Valiant -model

If you’re a fan of Nick Giannopolous’ movie Wog Boy, you’ll remember his escapades in this deep blue 1969 VF Valiant coupe, that was the movie car star. Limited to 6000 units, each comes with a numbered and signed certificate by Giannopolous himself. For those who remember the two-door Pacer of a more standard specification, there is also a 1970 VG in red with hubcaps or in white with red striping and alloys, that give it a racier look.  $170.

3. Leatherman tool

Leatherman -tool

Here’s a handy gadget for the glovebox to stop you getting caught out by not having the right tool at the wrong time. Leatherman has been around for ever and their latest multi tool, the Rebar has everything you could need in an emergency. The foldup, easy-to-carry tool has both needle nose and flat nose pliers, an electrical crimper, wire stripper, a knife, saw, wood and metal file, Phillips and flat head scewdrivers, ruler, wire cutters and, if all else fails, a can or bottle opener. $139.95.

4. EH S4 Holden model

Holden -eh -model

Back in 1964 the Australian Touring Car Championship was a one race affair. Held at Queensland’s Lakeside circuit it featured Norm Beechey, Bob Jane, Pete Geoghegan, Jim McKeown, Peter ‘Skinny’ Manton, Barry Seton. Brian ‘Yogi’ Muir was there too in the number 1, bright red, Scuderia Veloce-entered Holden S4, a lightly warmed version of the EH. Muir led the race until pitting to replace a left rear tyre. It cost him the win. This 1:18 model is limited to 750 units. $260

5. Nothin’ too serious

Classic -cars -and -motorsport -book

Motorsport is usually a serious pursuit with drivers, techs and boffins all wringing the last ounce of performance from their machines.

In a breath of fresh air, international artist Brian Caldersmith takes an irreverent look at the sport through his colour and black and white illustrations.Caldersmith has a bit of fun with the sport he loves over 124 pages in alphabetical order, giving a new meaning to many oft-heard racing terminologies. $29.95 (sale special $22.46)

6. Cop Lock

Cop -lock

This strange looking contraption is the 21st century take on the good old fashioned steering and pedal lock. Called the Cop Lock, cos it was designed by one, you place it over the brake or clutch pedal, push on the red knob until the silver shaft wedges itself into the carpet, then use the key at the top to lock it and presto. No bugger is gonna take your wheels anywhere. Apparently it works equally well on vinyl floors too. $79.95


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