1981 BMW 318i - today's budget tempter

By: Guy Allen - Unique Cars magazine

bmw 318i E21 BMW 318i bmw 318i

Early 3-series can be a fun drive

People are often terrified of going near older Euro cars because of the belief they're complex and the parts are expensive. Sometimes that's true.

However that's not always the case and for cars like this early E21 BMW, there is a lot of tuning knowledge out there along with several aftermarket parts suppliers.

A model like this is relatively simple (okay, it does have an early Bosch fuel injection) and light, which mean they can be a very engaging drive.

Particularly if you do the basics like make sure the shock absorbers and bushes are in good condition.

The big thing to look for is rust, followed by reasonably complete cosmetics, and an engine with no terminal-sounding noises.

Assuming that all checks out, this could prove to be a fun and low stress car.

It's running a five-speed manual, whcih will help to get the most out of the relatively modest 1800 four-cylinder engine.

In injected form thay claimed 103 horses (77kW) which will be enough to have a bit of fun on an interesting road.

This example lives in Vic and the owner is asking $5500.

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