1978 Mercedes-Benz 450 SLC - today's classic tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

m b 450sl Mercedes-Benz SLC450 m b 450sl

Big Benz sportster

We can't help thinking that this generation Benz sports car - in either SLC or SL form - is one worth tipping a little money into, if you can spare it.

Prices for this generation have been firming up, while the numbers on the previous generation have gone well north in the last five years.

The 450 isn't the top of the range for these cars - that's the 560 and they're already priced past the $100k mark in a lot of cases. To us it seems inevitable the 'smaller' versions, in several guises down from 500 to 280 will follow.

Known as the C107 and R107 (for the SL versions), this series was built from 1971 through to 1981 for the hardtop and 1989 for the soft-top.

The 450's V8 claimed 189hp (141kW) and a failry leisurely 0-100klm/h time of 9.5 sec. All of them were autos, in this case a three-speed.

It was no firebreather and the handling was set up for comfort rather than pin-sharp manners.

That said, they're a respectable handler and a very good companion for a cruise along a backroad.

It's critical you get one with a solid body and cosmetics, as a full resto at this stage is unlikely to make economic sense.

Mechanicals are generally solid and this car claims a very low 88,000km which, if correct, would be a bonus.

This example is with a dealer in Brisbane, priced at $43,000.

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