Barn Find 1966 Ferrari 257 GTB + 1967 Cobra Sold at Auction

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1966 ferrari 275 gtb barn find 1966 ferrari 275 gtb barn find
1966 ferrari 275 gtb 2 1966 ferrari 275 gtb 2
1966 ferrari 275 gtb interior 1966 ferrari 275 gtb interior
cobra barn find cobra barn find
cobra barn find dash cobra barn find dash
barn find garage barn find garage

Barn finds don't get much bigger or more intriguing than this

Think about this for a moment.

A North Carolina house built in 1991 and never lived in; A garage of metal exotica that were driven in on the home’s completion and never touched, after the owner’s mechanic passed away.

A demolition order issued late 2017 and the unearthing of a Ferrari 275 GTB, a big-block Cobra, a BMW 325, a Triumph TR6 and a Morgan Plus 8.

Tom Cotter, author of The Cobra in the Barn, is the presenter of The Barn Find Hunter on Hagerty’s YouTube Channel and was there to pull back the creaking garage doors to reveal the treasure trove.

Cotter spotted a mid-80s BMW just inside the door and moving further into the partial darkness he stumbled across the unmistakable shape of a front-engine Ferrari, a 1966 275 GTB/2 long-nose no less.

The silver duco had been replaced by dust and spider webs. Lifting the bonnet Cotter saw the V-12 engine with three Weber twin-throat carbs atop, then poked his head inside to look at the dust infested deep blue interior and the odometer that showed 13,000 miles!

Using a magnet, he learned the 275 GTB’s body was alloy and one of just a handful made using the lightweight material.

Cobra -barn -find

It didn’t end there as Cotter also found a 1967 Cobra, its big flared guards and wheels telling him it was a big block. Red with black interior (under the dust), a wooden steering wheel and a CSX chassis number signifying it was one of 100 fitted with a 428ci engine, totally unmolested.

Delving further in the shed like Indiana Jones on a quest, our guide came across a 9000-mile 1976 Triumph TR-6 and a V8, propane-fuelled, 1978 Morgan Plus 8 with just 3000 miles showing.

The Ferrari and Cobra took centre stage at the recent Gooding and company auction in Florida and sold for US$2,530,000 and US$1,045,000 respectively.

Watch Cotter’s amazing barn find story here.



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