1962 Rambler Ambassador - today's mystery tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

Rambler 1962 This is what a 1962 Ambassador looked like new. Rambler 1962
rambler ambassador The single owner shot doesn't reveal a whole lot, but looks promising. rambler ambassador

Unusual car might be worth a punt?

The seller of this Rambler hasn't exactly overhwlemed us with photos or info on this car, so we've added a pic from a period brochure.

Rambler's Ambassoador in 1962 was a high-end luxury model.

It ran the company's 327ci (5.4lt) V8 claiming 250 or 270 horses (186/201kW), depending on whether it was running a two or four-barrel carburettor.

It also boasted a push-button three-speed automaticv transmission.

Rambler did okay in Australia for a while, and there was a period when they were assembled here.

However Ambassadors are now an uncommon sight and this one has been converted to right-hand-drive.

It's not entirely clear what condition the car is in, though the owner mentions a rebuilt engine and transmission.

Located in rural Victoria, it's priced at $5000.

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