1972 Lotus Europa - today's mid-engine tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

lotus europa onroad 1969 Lotus Europa - see our story on this car. lotus europa onroad
lotus europa 1972 Lotus Europa - this is the car offered for sale. lotus europa

Low-slung exotic Brit

It's remarkable that a car whose shape was originally penned over 50 years ago can still look sensational today - though this perhaps could be said for a number of 1960s designs - it was a period that produced more than its fair share of icons.

Though produced in very low volume, the Lotus Europa was remarkable for being a pioneering mid-engined road car.

Initially powered by a Renault 16 four-cylinder engine and using that car's transaxle, it went on to use a Lotus-developed Ford twin-cam in various guides, and that's what is powering this car.

Other transmission options were also offered over time.

If it's an early twin-cam - which is likely given the year - it would be 105hp version of the engine. There is however a huge amount of tuning knowledge out there for these powerplants and it should be feasible to extract a lot more performance, if you wanted it.

Under 10,000 of these cars are said to have been made from 1966 through to 1975 and very few were delivered locally.

This is said to have been a right-hand-drive car from day one.

Priced at $39,990, it's a relatively economical entry into the world of true exotica. It's with Charles Classics in Sydney.

Note: the red car shown here is a 1969 model we featured some time ago. The yellow car is the one for sale.

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