1970 XW Ford Fairmont GS - today's muscle car tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

ford falcon xw gs 1970 Ford Fairmont V8 ford falcon xw gs

Mid-gen Falcon muscle car has a lot of appeal.

Okay, so in a perfect world you'd be able to buy an XY GT or even a GT-HO Phase 3 for 20 or 30 kay. Sadly, those days are long gone.

However while the prices have gone nuts for original restored local muscle cars from the sixties and seventies, there is still some solid buying out there.

This 1970 XW Fairmont is a good example. The owner makes no pretence about it being an original car, as it left the factory.

Instead they've clearly gone for a restomod approach, making changes that seem to be both desirable and of decent quality. For example, there's now a 351 V8 in the snout, instead of the original 302, backed up by a C4 auto and a 9-inch diff. That's all wish-list stuff.

It also claims a drop tank, upgraded brakes and several other features, the total of which is said to have been through the scrutiny of an engineer. SO far so good.

The price? $65,000. Assuming it matches up to the description, our estimation is that's under the cost of building one just like it from scratch.

It's located in NSW and you can see the ad here.

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