VW Kombi T2b - today's project car tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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vw kombi t2 VW Kombis have become a popular classic over the years. vw kombi t2

Got some workshop skills and some spare time?

Volkswagen managed to not only create a useful woirkhouse with its Type 2 Kombi, but something of a social icon at the same time.

It's about the last vehicle on earth you'd want to be in for a crash, but the simple engineering and adaptable roomy interior - just a giant box, really - won a lot of hearts over the years.

We've seen prices for the early 'split window' versions go through the roof in recent years, particularly when you're talking of a desirable rarity, such as a 23-window Samba. Whether those prices will remain elevated into the hundreds of thousands remains to be seen.

In the meantime there is a such a thing as an affordable Kombi, particularly if you look at the later (1972-on) T2b 'bay window'. An easy way to distinguish them is the high front indicators, level with the air vents on the front panel.

By this time bigger engines were also appearing in Kombis and this example has the 1800 boxer four, claiming 50kW. A 1974 model, it also runs the four-speed manual transmission.

The owner says this is a fixer-upper, something confirmed by the photos. It seems to be a very complete and original example, though there are signs of the bodywork needing attention. Apparently it's a runner.

Located in far north Queensland, it's priced at $20,250.

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