VJ Valiant wagon - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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vj valiant wagon These giant Aussie wagons have a lot of appeal. vj valiant wagon

Giant wagon screams seventies

You probably don't need us to tell you that chrome bumper Aussie wagons are hot property in the current market, and these VJ Valiants are about as big as that species ever got.

Yep, it looks like you could live in it, and land a Cessna on the bonnet.

Typically they were delivered with a straight six, though a range of V8s was also available for this series.

It was a facelift and subtle upgrade from its predecessor the VH, and was offered with a choice of six powerplants (three sixes and three V8s), along with the options of three or four-speed manual, or a three-speed auto.

This example is running a 265ci (4.3lt) six with an auto - a handy combination - and claims 126kW (171) at the back tyres. If that number is right, it's very respectable.

It has period Jellybean wheels and the owner says it also comes with a standard set. In addition, much of the original paperwork appears to be with it.

Located in South Australia, it's priced at $22,990.

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