Capri Perana + Chev Bel Air + Aston Martin DBS - Gotaways 409

By: Cliff Chambers

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CAPRI PERANA V8 - September 2004

Readers might have seen or owned a South African-built BMW or VW, but how many knew that back in the 1970s a bloke called Basil Green made several hundred of these ferocious, V8-powered Capris?

The bodies were supplied to Green by the local Ford assembler, modified and then sold through Ford dealers with full warranty. With a 4.9-litre V8 and four-speed they were good for 240km/h and rugged enough to win the 2000 London-Sydney Marathon.

None were sold new in Australia however several have been privately imported and a couple still run in tarmac rally events.

Then: $27,500. Now: $55-60,000

Perana Mk2 Cortina/Capri/Granada review


1958 CHEVROLET BEL AIR COUPE - Advertised August 1991

Chev -bel -air

Somebody at Chevrolet must have irradiated the breeding tank because the 1958 models were gorgeous and enormous when compared with the finned and skinny ‘57 models.

Versions seen in Australia were nothing like this one though with four doors, a wheezy six-cylinder engine and badged as Biscaynes. Hardly any of the sleek two-door Bel Air version would have come here new but this RHD car was perhaps among the few.

Those seen for sale locally were ordinary but still managed $30-40,000. One like this from the USA could cost double that amount.

Then: $17,000. Now: $65-70,000


ASTON-MARTIN DBS V8 - Advertised November 1993

Aston -martin

If you were a teen in the 1970s and watched TV’s ‘The Persuaders’ you were either a fan of Tony Curtis’ Ferrari 246 Dino or the gold DBS V8 punted by Roger Moore in his pre-James Bond days.

Aston-Martin built just 405 of its V8 coupe before a restyle and name change turned it into the AM V8. Not many of these original DBS V8s were destined to be seen in Australia (new they cost $26,000 when a Porsche 911S was $15,000) and today they are hard to find even in the UK. When one does pop up, prices start at $160,000 and can exceed $250,000.

Then: $98,000. Now: $220-250,000 


Reader's Gotaway - Porsche 944

Porsche -944

I looked at an immaculate 944 in red a few years back, it was in outstanding condition with teh only modification a set of gold OM Simmons wheels. I still regret not driving it home when the price was under $20k.

Epping, Vic


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