1998 Camaro Z28 convertible - today's soft-top tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

camaro Z28 This model marked the introduction of the LS1 to the Camaro range. camaro Z28

Big powerful convertible for not a fortune

Chevrolet Camaros always seem to end up playing second string behind Mustangs in the local market, though whether that's actually deserved is very much up for debate.

Cars from the late 1990s are relatively rare here. New, they were too expensive to import and convert in substantial numbers.

That changed around 2007 through to the early 2010s, when for a time there our local market was insulated from the GFC, the Aus dollar was worth more than the greenback, and American cars were brought in by the shipload. However it was really cars from the sixties and seventies that were in demand, rather than the late nineties.

That's a roundabout way of saying you won't find a lot of fourth-generation Z28 series Camaros out on local roads.

This car is a 1998, which means it has a restyled snout and, more importantly, is running the now legendary LS1 5.7lt powerplant, with a claimed 305 horses.

At $30k, it looks like it has potential, and you at least reap the advantages of relatively recent technology underneath you. Located in NSW, you can see more of it here.

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