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By: Cliff Chambers

ford falcon xy ford falcon xy

A look back through the Unique Cars archives

1971 Ford XY Falcon GT - Advertised September 1985

Late in 1985, with $11,990 in your hand you would not quite have been able to afford a brand-new Ford Laser GL, What you could have owned though was an XY GT with muscular looks and plenty of room for the family. Why so cheap? Young people couldn’t afford the insurance, older ones didn’t want to pay soaring petrol bills and by the 1980s XYs were relegated to the cheaper end of used car alley. A couple of price spikes with corresponding crashes made the market nervous but prices are up again and right now its value would easily fund a pair of brand new V8 Mustangs.

Then: $11,990. Now: $140-160,000

1962 Chevrolet Bel Air Wagon - Advertised May 1992

Chev -wagon

Australia didn’t embrace the idea of a really big station wagon the way buyers did in the USA. Ford seemed to do quite well with its monster Fairlane 500 Ranch Wagon but if you didn’t want a Fairlane you needed to know the right person at a GM-H dealership so you could get a car like this ‘62 Chev specially imported and RHD converted. That involved big money and survivors are understandably scarce (1963-64s seem more common though) and hunting one from offshore can cost US$30,000 before you even consider shipping it.

Then: $8000. NOw: $38-45,000

1975 Rambler Hornet - Advertised May 1995

Rambler -hornet

If you’re in the market for a family-sized car with a bit of style and don’t want to spend Holden/Falcon/Valiant money, look hard for a Hornet. These mid-sized, US-made sedans came to Australia in kits for assembly in Port Melbourne by Australian Motor Industries. They were a common sight on 1970s roads and seem not too difficult to find even now. This one at $4500 would have been top-of-the-market in 1995 however it looks to be well cared for. Air-conditioning plus a sunvisor would make it attractive to buyers in warm locales as well.

Then: $4500. Now: $10-12,000


Reader's gotaway: 1957 Ford Skyliner

Ford -skyliner

I always loved the Aussie "Tank Fairlane" shape as a kid and was then shown a coral coloured American 1957 Skyliner for $7K back in the 80s. It needed everything but the roof worked and I missed my chance to own a fun classic which would have rewarded the owner.



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