Build your own Corvette V8 program restarts

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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corvette lt4 v8 Corvette LT4 V8 - you could get to build your own. corvette lt4 v8

The ultimate experience for the 'Vette fan

After recently completing some renovations at its Performance Build Centre in Kentucky, USA, Chevrolet has restarted its Engine Build Experience.

For a $5000 premium, you get to assemble the 650hp supercharged LT4 engine for your new ZO6 Corvette, or the 750hp LT5 for your ZR1. That's under the close guidance of a Chevrolet expert.

The whole thing happens in a day, albeit with an early start at 5.45am.

Part of the deal is the owner gets a photo record of the experience and a special plaque fitted to the car.

It's all arranged through the Corvette Museum, which acts as concierge for the experience.

Unfortunately it's left-hand-drive only...

See more at the Corvette Museum website.


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