1980 VC HDT Commodore + 1991 Bentley Mulsanne S + 1971 XY Ford Fairmont GT - Phil's Picks 407 Part 2

By: Phil Walker, Unique Cars magazine

Uncle Phil's at it again!

Uncle Phil reckons he’s earned a reward for not succumbing to the urge of buying another car.

What’s the reward, you may ask? Well… It’s another car. Only question is, which one will he choose?

1980 VC HDT Commodore - $69,900

1980 VC HDT Commodore

I’ve always been a big fan of the brock-fettled VC Commo’, and this particular one looks like a mighty fine example. However, it’s not what you’d call stock-as-a-rock, the owner has rebuilt the original 308 bent-eight donk and bored it out to a 355, and it’s mated to a three-speed auto ‘box. It also appears to be sitting on some modern wheels that fill out the flared wheel arches a bit more than the original 15-inch Irmscher wheels would have. Still though, it certainly looks the part, and, because it’s an auto with a thumping great V8, it’d probably be awesome for just cruising around with a big grin on your face. 

1991 Bentley Mulsanne S - $36,950

1991 Bentley Mulsanne S

Now here’s something I could really get behind, talk about bang for buck, how good would this thing be on an interstate road trip? Tell you what’s crazier than the ridiculously low price, the fact that this two-and-a-bit-tonne slab of old England on four-wheels was over $320,000 on the road back in ’91, that’s an insane amount of depreciation! Mind you though, it may seem cheap, but if something goes bang, fixing it would not be an inexpensive exercise. But I tell you what, I’m almost considering taking the plunge anyway, I mean, it is a Bentley after all. 

1971 XY Ford Fairmont GT - $60,000

1971 XY Ford Fairmont GT

After an XY GT with a difference? Well, take a look at this one! It’s a Falcon GT built in Australia, assembled in South Africa and called the Fairmont GT, or, as the locals nicknamed it, ‘Super-Rhino Fairmont GT’. The seller says it’s a matching numbers vehicle and has all the goodies including a 351, four-speed top-loader and a nine-inch diff. I reckon this would make a great project car and, seeing as a good example of an XY GT could run you as much as $200,000, its good buying too.

Hummer H1 - $79,990

Hummer H1

If it’s good enough for former Californian Governor and Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s good enough for me. Seriously though, the seller reckons this H1 is ready for full NSW road registration! Can you imagine how hilarious this car would be as a daily driver? Traffic jams in the Sydney CBD wouldn’t matter, because you’d just be able to drive over the top of everyone else in their inferior, puny cars while shouting "Hasta La Vista, Baby!" It probably wouldn’t be that bad at going off-roading either, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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