1984 HDT Magnum + 1964 Jaguar E-Type + 2002 Alfa Romeo 147 - Phil's Picks 407 Part 1

By: Phil Walker, Unique Cars magazine

Uncle Phil's at it again!

Uncle Phil reckons he’s earned a reward for not succumbing to the urge of buying another car.

What’s the reward, you may ask? Well… It’s another car. Only question is, which one will he choose?

1984 WB HDT Magnum - $36,000

1984 WB HDT Magnum

What did you do back in the day if you wanted your brand new WB Statesman DeVille or Caprice to be a bit quicker and a lot more exclusive? You took it to the guys at HDT of course. The transformation from regular WB to HDT Magnum consisted of a Group 3 spec 5.0lt V8 being fitted, as well as Bilstein dampers with lowered springs, chrome rocker covers, 15-inch alloy wheels, MOMO steering wheel, cold air intake and many other modifications. Just over 100 of these beauties ever saw the light of day, making them pretty darn rare, and I reckon they’ve aged very well. What could be better than an Aussie built bent-eight cruiser with a bit of Brock pedigree? And I reckon you’d never lose a dime if you took the plunge and bought one of these things.

1964 Jaguar E-Type - $148,000

1964 Jaguar E-Type

Enzo Ferrari once said that the Jaguar E-Type was the most beautiful car he’d ever seen, and I think he may have been on to something. This one is particularly gorgeous because it’s been rebuilt as a replica of the famous ‘low drag coupe’ GTE. The seller says that the rebuild involved all the panels of the car being constructed in aluminium, while the tub is made of steel. I reckon this would be terrific for taking part in classic and historic motorsport events and I would bet the house that it’d sound like absolute heaven once you opened the taps a bit. 

2002 Alfa Romeo 147 - $11,500

2002 Alfa Romeo 147

I’m a massive Alfa tragic, mostly because I’m old enough to remember when Alfas were excellent to drive, and not just massive disappointments. Anyway, this little 147 has been given the full kit and caboodle to turn it into a proper little track weapon. What’s more, according to the seller, all the modifications have been installed by a mechanic and the vehicle, despite all these mods, is Queensland Transport Approved. This would be great to jump in to in the morning, drive out to your favourite track, blast around all day and then drive home again.

2003 Mitsubishi EVO 8 - $24,380

2003 Mitsubishi EVO 8

These things are proper giant killers, and if you throw some engine, brake and suspension modifications at them, they have the ability to be properly, scarily quick. There’s a reason why almost every Tarmac rally is filled to the brim with EVO entrants, because they are all-weather performance machines, and it’s a crying shame that not only has Mitsubishi stopped making these wonderful automobiles, they’ve pilfered the EVO name and stuck it on the back of an SUV concept, which is tantamount to sacrilege.     

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