1972 MGB GT V8 - today's Brit muscle tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Brit classic has been given a dose of steroids

1972 MGB GT V8 - today's Brit muscle tempter
Compact MGB boasts V8 power in the snout.

The MGB GT is one of the best-looking compact cars ever to come out of the UK and was introduced as a development of the roadster in 1965. It initially shared the soft-top's four-cylinder powerplant and more often than not four-speed manual trans. An auto was also available.

In 1973 Leyland decided to give the car some teeth, with the addition of the widely-used Rover 3.5lt V8. Many forms of this engine exist on both side of the Atlantic and it was used in a big variety of cars.

This car is interesting because it predates the factory MGB GT V8 by a year and in fact was assembled (according to the owner) by Abingdon Motors in Brisbane.

It claims a five-speed manual transmission, flared guards, Minilite wheels, air-conditioning and power windows.

This Qld car is on the market at $30,000 and looks like it would be a really interesting toy.


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