1962 Chrysler Valiant SV1 – Today’s Aussie Classic Tempter

By: James Robinson, Unique Cars magazine

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1962 Chrysler Valiant SV1 1962 Chrysler Valiant SV1

Undeniably cool

The Chrysler Valiant SV1 is a large-sized, family oriented sedan and the second Chrysler Valiant built Down Under.

Released in March of 1962, the SV1 replaced the outgoing Valiant RV1, and stayed in production until April 1963.

Changes made over the SV1s predecessor were mostly cosmetic in nature, and the new model featured aesthetic changes like a redesigned front grille and rear taillights.

Mechanical changes included bigger brakes, a larger fuel tank and a rust resistant rear exhaust muffler.

Power came from a 3.7lt inline six-cylinder donk that sent its power to the SV1s rear wheels via either a three-speed manual or a three-speed automatic transmission.

The SV1 was a short-lived model for Valiant, and in May of 1963, it was replaced by the Chrysler AP5 Valiant.

However, in the SV1s 13 months of existence, a little over 10,000 models were produced, making it a fairly popular model.

This particular SV1 is a ’62 model and, according to the seller, the vehicle is showing 35,000 miles on the clock from new.

The seller adds that the vehicle drives well and has a few choice modern conveniences such as a full leather interior with electric front seats, cruise control and a CD player.

The SV1 is $23,500 and anyone interested in this Aussie classic can view the full listing here


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