Vintage crashes at the Nürburgring

By: James Robinson, Unique Cars magazine

Some things never change

It seems like the fabled Nürburgring, or to some, ‘The Green Hell’, has been claiming the egos of drivers since time immemorial.  

Every week there’s a new video on YouTube of people getting it wrong on Germany’s most notorious public road, and it’s usually at the exact same corner.

In fact, there’s some YouTube Channels out there, that have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of views, that are dedicated to just filming at predominantly one corner of the Nordschleife – Brunchen.

But this has to be a modern phenomenon right? It’s not like there was someone perched on a corner at the Nürburgring with a video camera back in the early 70s.

Well, as it happens, there was, and if you think the crashes from today are bad, take a look at this!  

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