Leyland P76 Convertible + Renault 16 + Chev Stylemaster - Gotaways 406

By: Cliff Chambers

Leyland P76 convertible, a Renault 16 and a 1948 Chev Stylemaster - just some of the cars we look back on from the Unique Cars classifieds archives

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LEYLAND P76 CONVERTIBLE - Advertised March 1996

Leyland -p 76-convertible

Years ago there was a well-executed P76 Ute that raised questions about Leyland-built prototypes. However we are convinced that, like the ute, this interesting aberration was unofficial and the product of some creative owner’s enthusiasm.

By the 1990s, rust had wiped out most of the P76 population but if you could locate a decent shell there were plenty of new panels still available and anything was possible. Hiding a couple of hefty girders behind the sill panels would deal with rigidity issues and deliver a structurally-sound soft-top. So P76 fans, where was it built, who by and has it survived?

Then: $9000. Now: $18,000+


RENAULT 16TS - Advertised January 1990

Renault -16-ts

Hard as it might be to believe, Renault’s 16TS hatchback was viewed 50 years ago as a practical alternative to 1.6-litre Alfas and BMWs. Lots were sold during the late 1960s but inflation and import costs were killers and by 1976 when this 16TS hit the road, it cost more than a V8 Torana Hatchback.

So, where have all these versatile Renaults gone? Unique Cars’ archive revealed just one offered recently for sale; tatty and priced at $2950. The Aussie Frogs web-page saw members discussing several 16s currently under restoration. So they do still exist.

Then: $3000. Now: $6500-8500


1948 CHEVROLET STYLEMASTER - Advertised December 1999

Chevy -ute

By 1948 when virtually every local vehicle assembler had a ‘coupe utility’ in its range, General Motors-Holdens was a leading proponent of the ‘ute’ market. Two Chevrolet versions were available: the basic Fleetmaster and the leather-trimmed Stylemaster. The radio was non-standard, very expensive at the time and prestigious.

Lots of these Chev utes were left to rot on rural properties but they were tough and plenty survived long enough to be restored. Unrestored examples like this would have been very scarce and outlaying $8500 rates as a smart investment.

Then: $8500. Now: $20-25,0000



Vc -brock

My old boss had a VC Brock back in the late-90s. It was driven every day and left in a shopping centre car park. She often laughed about it and referred to it as the "old Brocky". If only...

Sotiris VLAKAS - Kangaroo ground VIC


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