VL Calais Turbo Hoody + VC HDT Model + HDT Mobil Cap - Gearbox 406

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A Very Cool VC HDT

HDT VCLet’s not beat around the bush here, VC HDTs are pretty thin on the ground, and when one does pop up, you’ve got to sell an organ for the chance to park one in the driveway. If you’re keen on keeping your vital organs though, don’t despair, because now you can get one of these ace 1:18 scale models from Biante. $250 bit.ly/VCMODEL

Cold Air King

OTR COLD AIR INTAKEGot a VF Commodore and feel like it’s missing a few horses? Or maybe you’ve been getting bested lately at the traffic light grand prix? Well, you can rest easy, because Harrop is making an excellent OTR cold air induction kit for VF Commodores that’ll not only result in better airflow, it’ll give your pride and joy some extra shove. $528 bit.ly/HARROPOTR

What’s Under The Hood?

VL CALAIS TURBO HOODYSurely one of the most iconic Iron Lions of all time, the VL Calais Turbo is a cult classic for those who like the whoosh and hiss of a turbocharged donk. And now the effigy of this notorious beast has been immortalised on something that’s both practical and comfortable; a hoody. Great for those cold nights at the local Maccas parking lot. $59.99 bit.ly/VLHOODY

HDT on the brain

HDT BASEBALL CAPFor the HDT enthusiast who has everything (except a full head of hair), you can now grab one of these awesome vintage Mobil HDT Racing caps to really set yourself apart from the rest at the next club meeting. $25 bit.ly/HDTCAP

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