First pictures of McLaren’s BP23 hyper car… Kind of

By: James Robinson, Unique Cars magazine

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McLaren’s BP23 hyper car McLaren’s BP23 hyper car
McLaren’s BP23 hyper car McLaren’s BP23 hyper car
McLaren’s BP23 hyper car McLaren’s BP23 hyper car

Images emerge of spiritual successor to the McLaren F1

Photos of a camo’ covered McLaren 720S have emerged with one glaring difference over a regular variant of the Super Series 720S - a central driving position.

You see, this isn’t actually a McLaren 720S at all, but rather a test mule for the Woking firm’s next uber-rare hyper car, the BP23, or to some, the new McLaren F1.

BP23, which stands for bespoke project two, three-seater, will be the next addition to McLaren’s Ultimate Series of cars, which has previously spawned the P1 and P1 GTR.

Unlike the P1 and P1 GTR however, BP23 is apparently being developed to be the ultimate hyper GT car, rather than an out-and-out track weapon.

The BP23s central driving position is a unique feature not seen in a Macca since the legendary F1, and as rumours circulate about new hyper car, McLaren are certain it will be the fastest car they have ever produced.

As was the case with the original F1, just 106 examples of the BP23 will be made, and while power figures and numbers are yet to be released, expect a highly tuned, hybridised version of the Ricardo- built 4.0lt, twin-turbo V8 currently found in the 720S.

Although there are yet to be many salient facts about the new hyper car, two things are almost certainly guaranteed; it’s going to cost a bomb, and more than likely all 106 examples are already sold.


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