2005 HSV Clubsport R8 + 1984 Ford Falcon S-Pack + 1976 Holden Kingswood - Phils Picks 405 Part 1

By: Phil Walker, Unique Cars magazine

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Phil reckons if he shifts some of the cars in his garage around a bit he might be able to fit another one in, which is all the excuse he needs to hit the classifieds.

2005 HSV Clubsport R8 - $24,500

2005 HSV Clubsport R8

Yeah I know, I’ve already got enough Aussie muscle in the garage to field a historic race series, but take a look out how good this one looks. Slotted under the bright red bonnet is the downright heroic LS2, 6.0lt V8 donk which the boys at HSV have pinched straight from the svelte Chevy Corvette. That means this Clubby will churn out 297kW of bent-eight goodness and an accompanying soundtrack that’ll sound like God gargling razorblades. This particular one is optioned with the five-speed automatic which, to be honest, is probably a good thing because the manual Tremec T-56 six-speeder always felt more like you were operating a piece of heavy machinery than a sports sedan. You also know that if you stamped on the loud pedal around a corner it’d get crossed up quicker than a politician in question time.

1984 Ford XF Falcon S-Pack - $20,000

1984 Ford XF Falcon S-Pack

Look, I get it, you’re going to think the world’s gone completely tits-up. 20 grand for an XF would sound vaguely ludicrous if we were having this conversation even two or three years ago; but we’re not. Currently, in these very strange times we live in, I don’t know if its nostalgia incarnate, the shutdown of Aussie auto production once and for all, or maybe people just really appreciate the seemingly average. Whatever the case, the S-Pack XF with the 4.1 six and four-speed manual looks pretty darn good to me, and clean examples are few and far between.

1976 Holden HX Kingswood - $15,900

1976 Holden HX Kingswood

Jeez, tell you what, there’s nothing I like more than an Aussie-built wagon with a bit of chrome-bumper going on. I hate to sound like someone who comes from a generation when housing prices were actually affordable, but they just don’t make ’em like they used to. This HX Kingswood looks bloody good to me, and it’s got all the right gear: 253 V8 – check, four-speed top loader – check, straight, rust free body – check, this one’s got the lot, and I’d like nothing more than to throw some gear in the back, head for the coast and let the good times roll.

1983 Lancia Beta 3 - $15,000

1983 Lancia Beta 3

I’ve got to admit, the name Lancia isn’t exactly synonymous with words like reliability, or excellent build quality… but who cares when it looks as good as this Beta 3? This one appears to be in great nick and, according to the seller, the vehicle underwent a full restoration approximately six years ago, which is probably a good thing. Anyway, you’d forgive it any shortcomings or distinctly Italian nuances, because these things did and still do steer well when the road gets twisty, the 2.0lt four isn’t going to set your hair on fire, but around the bends they’re a barrel of laughs, just don’t bin it.

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