Ford Falcon XY 4WD - today's oddball tempter

By: Guy Allen - Unique Cars magazine

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Thin on the ground and probably too good to use in anger

Ford Falcon XY 4WD - today's oddball tempter
These 4x4 Falcons are rare.

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It's a little ironic that, for a country which over the years has bought far more than its fair share of 4WDs, our local product has generally been an also-ran in the market.

This XY Falcon 4WD is from 1972 and is one of just 432 are said to have been made.

It runs the company's very effective 250-cube straight six, matched to a dual-range three-speed manual transmission.

All up it weighed a little over 1600kg and had a top speed around 140km/h.

They never really took off in a major way in a market already dominated by the likes of Toyota's LandCruiser, which was arguably well on the way to taking over the territory from Land Rover.

As a group, the XY series Falcon is the most valuable in the current market, though this appeals to a specialist audience.

Based in Qld, it claims to have just 35,000 miles (56,000km) on the odo and is priced at $47,000.


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