Yenko Camaro + Valiant VC - Auction Action 403

By: Mark Higgins

Hot on the block recently: Yenko Camaro, Valiant VC bash car, Bugatti EB110 and a VW Kombi 23-window replica and a '59 Ford T-bird


1968 Yenko Camaro

Sold: $520,000
Mecum, Portland

Yenko -chevrolet -camaro

Here's proof that the right model can make all the difference in the world.

Camaro prices remain a little 'soft' compared to some other American collectibles, but this Yenk dealer special ticks a lot of boxes – great condition, a performance-oriented rarity and it has the right equipment under the bonnet.

Mechanical spec includes an L72 427 V8 with a claimed 425 horses, mated to an M21 four-speed transmission and Positraction rear end. Very nice.

We're told the resto on this was top-notch, enough to score it a gold award at the Camaro Nationals.


1966 Valiant VC Bash Car

Valiant -vc -bash -car

Sold: $7100
Lloyds Auctions

Here's proof you don't have to be a millionaire to have fun at an auction. This Valiant is typical of what you find in a good bash car: big reliable engine, jacked-up suspension, and lots of bars. Plus a silly paint job.

We love it and the fact is, if it all went wheels-up, you'd have some bits you could salvage, such as the very desirable 318 V8 in the nose.

We reckon you'd struggle to build one for anywhere near this money and we're envious of whoever bought the thing. Yep, a bargain.


1993 Bugatti EB110

Bugatti -eb 110

Sold: $799,000
Bonhams, Greenwich

Despite the eye-watering price, this probably doesn't rate as a fantastic investment since new – that may change over time.

The EB110 is a very special bit of kit, effectively the car that revived a marque that these days seems to be swimming along pretty well. The 3.5lt V12 produced 552hp, which doesn't seem all the extreme nowadays...


1959 Ford Thunderbird

Ford -thunderbird

Sold: $24,348
Mecum, Indy

This stunning ’59 T-Bird convertible looks better than new thanks to a full resto (including new top and back window).

Complementing the white exterior are the almost delicate Kelsey Hayes wire wheels, and white-wall tyres.

With 352ci V8 and auto trans, this 46.000 miles-from-new, weekend cruiser was snapped up for less than twenty five grand..



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