Single digit plate, seven figures estimated

By: James Robinson, Unique Cars magazine

Uber-rare number ‘4’ NSW registration plate Uber-rare number ‘4’ NSW registration plate

Uber-rare number ‘4’ NSW registration plate up for grabs in Shannons Sydney auction

The frenzied market for heritage number plates is just getting more and more out of hand, and the smaller the number, the bigger the price tag.

That’s been evidenced quite recently actually, at Shannons’ last Sydney auction the number ‘29’ fetched a scarcely believable $745,000, or about the same as a studio apartment in the harbour side city.

In fact, the six digits that number 29 fetched was a record for the most expensive numberplate ever sold at auction. 

However, that number 29 looks positively plebeian when compared to the numberplate that Shannons has up for grabs at its upcoming Winter Sydney Auction.

You see, Shannons find themselves in the rather fortunate position of being able to sell the ultimate in rarefied numberplates, a single digit.

It’s number 4, and what this solitary numerical registration plaque offers is admission to a club so exclusive there are only eight other members.

According to Shannons, records show that the plate was first used on a 1909 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost owned by Michelin tyre importer, Noris Duval.

Number 4 is currently adorned on a much more humble Toyota SUV however, which we can quite comfortably assume is worth far, far less than the plate itself.

Now, to the price that Shannons reckons it’ll fetch, there’s no beating around the bush here, they estimate number 4 is good for between $1.2-$1.5 million dollars!

We don’t have any trouble envisaging that it will go for that much or more.

The Shannons Sydney Winter Classic Auction is on Monday August 28 and, if you’re as curious as we are to watch the madness unfold, you can watch the auction on the website.

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