HDT legend could smash $1,000,000

By: James Robinson, Unique Cars magazine

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First factory HDT goes to auction at Lloyds

Lloyds Classic, Muscle and Barn Finds auction this Saturday August 19 in Essendon, Victoria, has some truly excellent Aussie muscle cars up for grabs.

However, first among equals surely has to be the genesis Factory HDT race car – the 1969 HT Monaro, or as it’s more commonly known, 57D.

57D is steeped in so much history and is responsible for so much success with anything baring the Iron Lion badge on the racetrack, it really does beggar belief that one lucky individual will be able to take it home at the end of the auction.

Lloyds actually reckon that 57D might feasibly break the seven figure mark, and while that may sound vaguely ludicrous, it is entirely possible.

All we know is, come Saturday we’ll be taking a seat in front on the computer with a big bowl of popcorn beside us, turning on the live auction stream and watching the mayhem ensue. 


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