Aussie bent-eight muscle headlines at Lloyds

By: James Robinson, Unique Cars magazine

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Italian exotics look ace too

Lloyds Classic, Muscle and Barn Finds auction this Saturday, August 26, has got a great range of Aussie-built V8 muscle cars.

In addition, there’s also some great Italian sports cars from the pinnacle supercar manufacturer; Ferrari.

Here are our favourite picks:

1971 Ford Falcon XY GT

1971 Ford Falcon XY GTSurely the bell of the ball for this Auction, Lloyds has described this factory Vermillion Fire XY GT as "simply the best", and judging by the photos, we’d have to agree, it looks like it’s just rolled off the showroom floor. This XY also has the added benefit of being a matching numbers vehicle and also comes with log books and service history.

1970 Ford Falcon XW GT

1970 Ford Falcon XW GTIf the aforementioned XY is first among equals, this gorgeous looking XW GT in Candy Apple Red surely has to be a close second. According to Lloyds, this XW comes equipped with the factory ’12 Scot’ wheels and trims and caps, 36 gallon fuel tank, 351ci Windsor V8, black trim and a four-speed manual transmission.  

1987 Ferrari Testarossa

1987 Ferrari TestarossaNot to be outdone by the excellent Aussie metal, this gorgeous looking Ferrari Testarossa has to be one of the cooler cars at this auction. Lloyds say that this is the first time the vehicle has been offered for sale and has been in a private collection for the majority of its life. In addition, the vehicle is said to have matching numbers, original tool kit, owner’s manual, service books and even the original spare tyre.

1973 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 2+2

1973 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 2+2If there’s one thing cooler than a Ferrari from the ‘70s, it’s a Ferrari from the ‘70s that’s been completely restored and rebuilt for classic rallying! This wonderful 308 Dino has been built to be CAMS compliant for Rally Classic categories and Historic ‘SC’ class racing. The Fezza also has the added benefit of coming with CAMS log books and is eligible to compete in a number of different historic classes both locally and internationally.

There are plenty of other excellent and exciting cars on offer at this Lloyds auction and you can check out all the lots right here.


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