50 Years of Mazda Rotary!

By: Unique Cars magazine

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50 Years of Rotary 50 Years of Rotary

Wheels Magazine celebrates five decades of Mazda Rotary

Fans of the revolutionary rotary engine should look out for the latest custom publication from Wheels, Australia’s premier motoring brand. Celebrating 50 years of the Mazda rotary, Wheels takes us on a spin through the Hiroshima brand’s rotary history, from German engineer Felix Wankel’s pioneering design, to Mazda’s mass-production reality, via some at times very odd detours and regular brushes with the redline buzzer.  Filled with 132 pages of cracking content, with rare archival material dating back to 1967 and covering every significant rotary Mazda, from the Cosmo Sport 110S to the latest RX-Vision concept car, this Wheels special is a must-read for rotary fans and car enthusiasts in general.     


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