1978 Lancia Montecarlo – Today’s Italian Tempter

By: James Robinson, Unique Cars magazine

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1978 Lancia Montecarlo 1978 Lancia Montecarlo

Very pretty indeed

The Lancia Montecarlo is a two-door sports coupe and targa-top built between 1975 and 1981.

Designed by Pininfarina, the Montecarlo was originally destined to be a Fiat, who had commissioned Pininfarina to develop a replacement for the 124.

However, Fiat pulled the plug on the Italian design house and its project when rivals Bertone came up with a cheaper alternative that would become the Fiat X1/9.

Pininfarina kept designing the stillborn Fiat, and the project was eventually taken over by Lancia, who wanted to produce a premium alternative to the Fiat and, at the same time, have a flagship sports car of there own.

Power came from a naturally aspirated, 2.0lt inline four-cylinder donk or a 1.8lt inline four, although the latter motor was only ever made available in the US.

The shove from these donks was to the rear wheels via a five-speed manual transmission, there was no automatic option.

All in all there was roughly 7,800 Montecarlos produced over its six-year lifespan, making it a rather rare vehicle nowadays.

This particular Montecarlo is a ’78 model and, according to the seller, the vehicle is in very original condition.

The seller is asking $32,635 for the Italian sports car, and anyone interested in the vehicle can view the full listing here.  





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