Ex-Beechey HK Monaro + Vanguard Station Sedan + Porsche 924 Turbo - The Cars That Gotaway 402

By: Cliff Chambers

Uncle Cliff takes a ride back through our old classifieds

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Holden -hk -monaro

Holden HK Monaro, Ex-Norm Beechey - July 2001

Here’s a challenge for all the sleuths and Secret Squirrels; where did this very famous Australian touring car go? We know it was bought from Beechey and raced by collector Peter Briggs in the 1970s. There is a report that it was offered in the early 1990s, as a wreck, to Briggs who believed the car he was to shown to be genuine but beyond salvation so he passed on the deal. A decade or so later a car purporting to be the Beechey HK resurfaces but again there is apparently no sale and the car is still deemed ‘lost’. Do you own it or know where it is?

Then: $25,000. Now: $100,000+ (unrestored)



Standard Vanguard Station Sedan - December 1989

The advertisement says ‘ rare unit’ but perhaps the vendor didn’t realise just how rare or the price might have been set somewhat higher. Visits to places with information on very early Vanguards suggest that there are very few Phase 1 wagons in existence and perhaps only one (located in the UK) still in anything approaching ‘show’ condition. One was discovered dumped and derelict in Canada but there seem to be no others in Australia. We do fervently hope that this car’s significance encouraged the buyer to invest some time and dollars into its preservation.

Then: $850. Now: $15,000+ (restored)


Porsche -924

Porsche 924 Turbo - December 1999

Porsche’s attempts to undermine the 911 by launching a succession of successors were all doomed to failure. The 924 was designed not as a Porsche but a sporty Volkswagen, so shortcomings were forgivable. But why then try to turn it into a performance car? The turbo version didn’t sell especially well (13,616 in five years) with half going to the USA. One source claimed in 2009 that fewer than 10 RHD 924Ts survived (seems unlikely given we found three for sale recently in Australia ) but this is still a very rare car. Also a bargain for the first-time Porsche buyer.

Then: $13,000. Now: $25-30,000



Reader's Gotaway - 1979 Skoda 110R

My uncle drove a '70s Skoda Target back in Europe for many years but had a '79 110R stashed on his rural property in the early 1990s. He offered it to me for free but shipping to Australia was out of the question then as a poor student. The Skoda is now long gone.
- Tony Jasmu
Chester Hill, NSW


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