Euro car seals + Falcon historic race photos + Roush blower - Gearbox 403

Our top picks of man-cave must-haves this month


1. Euro seals

Euro -seals

If you’re into old cars and live in Sydney, more than likely you’ve heard of Ralph Moore Autoglass. They’ve got a reputation for doing lots of Oz and American gear, but what you might have missed is they have big range of Euro glass and seals. So if you’re broken or leaking, try


2. Falcon GTS & Hardtop Historic Racing Photos

Ford -falcons -book -2

Definitely one for the Falcon tragic: Autopics has produced two new compilations of competition pics for the Falcon GT 1967-72 and Hardtop 1970-73. These folk have a huge library of historic race photos and we reckon these books are a must for the Falcon tragic. $50 eachplus shipping.


3. Roush Blower


With Ford having a runaway hit with the current Mustang, there has been a whole industry springing up to customise the look and make them go quicker. One of the biggest names out there is Roush, which does everything from wheels through to a monster supercharger kit (pictured). We’ve driven one with all the fruit and it’s a religious experience.


4. DIY Kombi

Lego -kombi

Though the price of early Kombis has gone through the roof, you can still build your own for a relative pittance – with Lego, that is. The blurb reckons you can open the rear hatch and find an engine, which in our experience is not always the case with old Kombis. Toys R Us is flogging them for around $170.


5. Need a floor?


A wander through the Muscle Car Parts warehouse in Sydney recently revealed a treasure trove of gear, including whole floor pans (and lots of other panels) for everything from tri-year Chevrolets through to a host of local cars. So if your project has stalled for want of panels, give them a try.


6. Injected MGB

Engine -2

We love clever stuff like this – modern tech that gives an old engine a new lease on life. In this case it’s an injection system for MGB powerplants, all locally-made and developed. Talk to the good folk at Modern Classic Cars, who are also building some pretty trick restomods. Injection kits cost $3-7k depending on spec.


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