CTEK Charger + Classic Instruments + Dinky Toys - Gearbox 402

Get in early for Father's Day with these great man-cave must-haves



1. Name that car

There’s something about quirky little motoring publishing projects that is irrresistible and this is one of them. Illustrator Helge Jepsen and writer Michael Kockritz have teamed up to publish a collection of 99 famous cars that had quirky names. One of our faves is this McLaren Double Decker. Available for around 50 Euro.


Ctek -charger
2. CTEK Charger

CTEK has a reputation for developing high-tech ‘smart’ battey chargers and this is the latest version. The CT5 Time to Go tells you how long you have to wait for full charge, and also gives you a green light when it’s ready for a quick try. The unit will also act as a battery tender. Look for our upcoming test. Retail price is $169.



3. Gelignite Jack

Winner of the 1954 Redex Trial, garage owner, racer, footballer and boat enthusiast, ‘Gelignite’ Jack Murray was a larger than life character. He earned his nickname through the liberal use of gelignite to liven up his entry into towns along the Redex route, which inevitably attracted the attention of the police. This bio is by his son Phil and promises the inside story of a local legend. $30.


Simmons -wheel

4. Satin Simmons

If you’re looking for something to comprehensively fill your wheel arches, these five-spoke 20-inch FR Concave series Simmons might be the go. The company has been around a long time, building up a decent reputation. Price on request, but we’re seeing them advertised for a little under $2k.


Dinky -toys

5. Atlas Dinky

Atlas Dinky Toys have re-issued a fair chunk of the old Dinky catalogue and, generally, the prices are pretty low. There are plenty to be found on Ebay if you throw ‘Atlas Dinky’ into the search window. We were a bit taken with the trio of Citroens advertised for US$30 or a gaggle of five Beetles for US$63. Perfect for the tragics – are you listening, Faine and Torrens? Automodels222 is the online store.


Classic -instruments

6. Classic Bel

Classic Instruments in the USA has this comprehensive Bel Era III gauge set-up which it says has LED lights with built-in dimmer, built-in ECM signal filter switch, turn signals and high beam lights, and a single-connector wiring harness for ease of installation. The cluster arrives ready to install in your existing bezel and includes a glass lens. Priced @ US$975.


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