1970 Dodge Challenger - today's muscle tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Big seventies coupe stands out

1970 Dodge Challenger - today's muscle tempter
Big orange coupe is an eye-catching bit of gear.

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Though the Dodge Challenger nameplate hails all the way back to 1958, it's this the second generation (1970-74) which really is the stand-out.

Machines like this are the epitome of muscle car era styling in its heyday - big brash lines, bright colours, with a decent-sized V8 lump causing all the trouble.

In Chrysler's case, you could in fact order this series with a six, though it was the V8 line that really sold. There were several options, from 318 all the way through to 440ci. However it was the 426ci (7.0lt) that ruled the power stats with 425hp (317kW).

The car you see here runs the 340ci (5.6lt) bent eight which, with a four-barrel carburettor in place, was good for 275hp (231kW). It also runs a four-speed transmission.

The owner says there's a desirable Rally Pac on board, which means you score a couple of extra period dials on the instrument cluster.

Importing cars has become substantially more expensive and difficult over recent years, thanks to a number of factors such as exchange rates and tightening border scrutiny for things such as asbestos. That places some perspective on the $55,000 asking price for this Vic-based car.


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