Wagon Wednesday - Six Family Hauler Tempters

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Six cool & classic longroof cruisers


1966 Ford Falcon 500 Wagon


Ford -xr -wagon

First generation of the square-rigger Falcons, the XR was start of the whole phenomenon that ended with the XY. This one has the 3.3lt six and auto transmission, plus power steering. The owner is offering a RWC and says it’s done just 98,000 miles (160,000km). Gotta love the whitewalls and the venetian blinds!

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1968 Pontiac Parisienne


Pontiac -wagon

You should be able to slip the Eiffel Tower in the back, so maybe that explains the name. In any case this could be a perfect way to relive your favourite American family holiday movie. We reckon these monster land yachts have a huge amount of charm, so long as you’re not scared of a fuel bill. It’s got a 327 V8 with auto, and no doubt has power everything.

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1967 Volvo PV210 Duett


Volvo -122

Need to stand out from the crowd? This might be the answer. Though not the most famous model on the planet, these things do have a following. Power is from an injected 2.0lt four and the owner gives every indication that a huge amount of money has been spent on it. Does the longboard come with it?

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1968 Buick Skylark


Buick -wagon

Look closely and you’ll see ‘Sport Wagon’ badges on this thing, which makes you wonder what the hell a touring wagon looks like! This is a fantastic monument to the American Gothic school of automotive design. What we like about this is the owner says it’s had the full resto treatment, so it should be a turnkey exercise. In case you’re wondering, it’s got a 350 V8 in the nose with, of course, an auto.

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1965 Holden EH Special


Holden -eh -wagon

Maybe a project to keep you occupied over those long winter nights? This EH claims to have a recently reconditioned 186 in the nose, along with a four-speed manual gearbox. Perhaps an M21? The owner also mentions Torana brakes and the fact there’s some work to be done to get it on the road. That includes dealing with some rust in the driver door and finishing the interior.

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1978 Holden Kingswood


Holden -hz -wagon

We could not do this without listing a Kingswood, could we? This one claims to have had a comprehensive resto in recent years and certainly looks fresh in the paint and interior. There’s the traditional 202 red motor in the snout, with a Trimatic, while it claims luxuries such as power steering and air-con.

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