On the block - Jensen Interceptor project

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

A lot of potential with some of the hard work done.

On the block - Jensen Interceptor project
This Jensen Interceptor has a lot of potential.

Now there are people who, when you mention the possibility of buying a high-end British project car, will run as fast as they can in the opposite direction. With some justification.

The whole project can easily spiral out of control, unless you go in with your eyes open.

However this Jensen Interceptor caught our eye as a project with real potential. Why? Because the seller says the bodywork (in other words, the really expsnsive bit) has already been done. The photos tend to suggest that's right.

Up for auction at Lloyds this Saturday, it looks as though the engine and interior could do with a decent going-over, so there's still a fair bit of work to do.

That said, these cars had big bullet-proof mechanicals, in this case a very desirable 440 Chrysler V8 with a Torqueflite auto transmission.

Under the Jensen tappet covers is a very tough and conventional bit of American engineering, so hopefully just about any competent mechanic should be able to get it going.

Interceptors were an Italian body design built from 1966 to 1976. They were a quick GT car favoured by the rich and famous, with a little over 6400 built.

In more recent times there have been modern tribute versions put into limited production.

Prices for these things have been steadily climbing over recent years - there were a bit of a bargain up until recently. Now, however, they are valuable.

So it will be interesting to see where this one ends up, as it could be a good buy for someone willing to throw some time and resources at it.

The auction happens at Lloyds at mid-day June 24 - look for the live feed. Here's the full listing.

(Ed's note: and, just to lighten up your day, here's a Top Gear spoof using Interceptors as the hero cars.)

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