HSV Coupe4 - Today's Aussie Rocket Tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Ultra rare AWD

HSV Coupe4 - Today's Aussie Rocket Tempter
HSV Coupe4s are a rare and collectible beast.

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You can't help but wonder if this was the result of a late night challenge in the HSV workshop.

"Mate, you should turn that Monaro into a four-wheel-drive - that'd be awesome!"

"Seriously? Get a grip..."

"Bet you can't do it..."

No matter how it eventuated, the Coupe4 is a stand-out in the 30-plus years HSV has been going.

Billed as the only locally-made AWD performance car on the market, it employed a version of an existing Holden drivetrain, which gave it a very different stance to the usual HSV Coupe variant. That included a much wider track.

It also ran the 5.7lt LS1-based V8, claiming 270kW (360hp), along with a four-speed auto.

The lack of a manual copped some criticism, but the development required was judged to be a little too ambitious for what was to be a niche product.

Weighing around 1830kg, the Coupe4 wasn't as quick in a straight line as its RWD stablemates but, predictably, it had phenomenal grip.

They were an expensive car back in 2004: $90,000.

Now they rate as rare and very collectible.

This NSW example shows just under 60,000km on the odo and is priced at $80,000.



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