Holden Sandman tribute - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen - Unique Cars magazine

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Need a big red van to brighten up your winter?

Holden Sandman tribute - today's tempter
Sandman tribute looks lke loads of fun.

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For something that essentially started off as a quick and easy way of extending the Holden range into the youth segment, the Sandman has gained incredible long-term traction in the collector market.

Started in 1974, the nameplate came on a choice of brightly-painted utes or panel vans, with sixes, V8s, auto or manual transmission.

Along the way you got some Monaro-style gear such as sports steering wheel and dash, along with 'rally' rims.

There were specific manufacturer codes for these cars and you should see our buyer guide for more info on that, as a genuine car will cost substantially more than a tribute.

This one is clearly labelled as a tribute and started life as a six-cylinder HJ. It's now running a 308 with four-speed M21 transmission, while the Salamanca Red paint scheme is pretty hard top miss.

Priced at $39,990, it's located on the Gold Coast in Qld.



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