Porsche Classic Launches in Australia

By: Mark Higgins, Unique Cars magazine

Porsche Classic Launches in Australia Porsche Classic Launches in Australia
Porsche Classic Launches in Australia Porsche Classic Launches in Australia
Porsche Classic Launches in Australia Porsche Classic Launches in Australia

As Good As A New One

Got an old Porsche?

Want it to look and drive like new?

Well, Porsche Centre of Melbourne has just become the 49th Porsche Classic Partner – one of just 800 in the world.

It’s an outstanding recognition for Australia which became Porsche’s first right-hand drive market and one of its earliest export territories when local entrepreneur Norman Hamilton imported a pair of 356 model Porsches in late 1951.

An exhaustive 13-day training process, by a team of nine dedicated Porsche Classic specialists covering service advisors, technicians and parts interpreters, was undertaken in Germany.

Currently the program offers special services to owners of all Porsche models ranging back from the first water-cooled 986 Boxster and 996-series 911 models to the earliest 356 Porsches.

Services offered through the Porsche Classic scheme include pre-purchase inspection and authentication, discounted hourly servicing rates and privileged fast access to more than 52,000 (and growing) rare Porsche Classic parts, even extending to total restoration-project management.

As each model reaches the 10th anniversary of its launch it will be added to the Porsche Classic program, which means come 2020, first-generation Type 955 Porsche Cayennes (2002-2010) will be included.

A gaggle of classic Porsches was displayed at the official opening and owners heard from Porsche’s International Director of Classic Centres, Alexander Fabig.

Mr Fabig told guests that ‘Classic Partner’ status will not roll out automatically to other Porsche dealerships.

"Porsche Centre Melbourne is part of a very exclusive group; our aim is not to have as many as possible, but the right partners.

"Porsche’s history still plays a defining role in shaping the company’s future and the job of Porsche Classic is to keep the fire burning."

Mr. Fabig said that while not every single part from the past was yet available, 80 people were working at Zuffenhausen in Germany to enhance this.

"There are 650,000 classic Porsche cars around the world and we are reaching out to all their owners," he said.

"More than 70 per cent of all Porsches ever built are still on the road and with our rolling programme to include newer models in the Classic programme, if you own a Porsche today it already is, or soon will be, a Porsche Classic!"

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