Maserati Tribute + Nissan Fairlady Z432 + Ferrari Testarossa - Auction Action

By: Andy Enright

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Hot on the block recently - a '30s Maserati tribute, a Ferarri Testarossa and a $2.28m Mazda 767B

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1989 Mazda 767B

Mazda -767b

Sold: $2.28M
Gooding & Co, Amelia Island

As if winning its class at the 1990 Le Mans and being just one of three 767B racers ever built wasn’t enough, for many this quad-rotor Mazda is the best-sounding racing car ever built, bar none. Don’t believe me? Just Youtube ‘767B Dyno’, slip on your best headphones, crank up the volume and prepare to be grin like an idiot for the next few minutes. We don’t often feature racing cars here, but we’ll make an exception for Hiroshima’s Group C masterpiece.

1970 Nissan Fairlady Z432 RMA

Nissan -fairlady -z 432

Sold: $222,000
Amelia island

The ultimate Zed, the Z 432 got the 1989cc Hakosuka GT-R’s engine with hemispherical combustion chambers, a 24-valve cross-flow alloy head, and triple Mikuni carbs. Only 420 of these Japanese market specials were ever built and this restored example comes from a collector who had sourced the Holy Trinity of Japanese collectibles, the Fairlady Z 432, the Mazda Cosmo and the Toyota 2000GT.

1987 Ferarri Testarossa

Ferrari -testarossa

Sold: $175,000
Lloyds, Carrara

Bargain of the night at Lloyds? I'd nominate this Miami Vice-spec Testarossa. Originally delivered new to Japan, this 31,701km car features an extremely tidy if somewhat retina-searing red interior that is pure, unashamed 1980s excess. A 390hp set of shoulder pads on five-spokes, this Testarossa is proof positive that lunch is for wimps, greed is good and paying $175k for a car worth $300k all day long never really gets old.

1937-39 Maserati Tribute

Maserati -tribute

Sold: $73,500
Lloyds, Carrara

We don’t really know where to start with this one, other than the fact that we had to handcuff editor Guido to his own toilet plumbing to prevent him buying it. It was built by Ferris de Joux between 1999 and 2002, based on the 1937 design and features an authentic 3.5 litre Maserati engine that was found sitting under a bench in Ferrari enthusiasts Allan Cattles' Auckland workshop. We’d guess it took at least three times the sale price to build.



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