Falcon XY GT-HO & XW GT + Bentley Mulsanne - Auction Action 401

Hot on the block recently: $500k paid for a GT-HO, plus there's a 1970 XW GT, a 1991 Bentley Mulsane and also some to watch out for

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1970 Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase III

Ford -falcon -xy -gtho -phase -iii

Sold: $500,000
Lloyds at Shepparton Motor Museum, Vic

Lloyds out of Queensland was right on the money holding its first auction at the Shepparton Motor Museum, Vic. A big crowd turned up – it was literally standing room only – that got to witness this Phase III hit a very solid $500k. This helps to cement its reputation as Australia’s most desirable muscle car and rates as the highest public bid for the model since the GFC. Pre-GFC prices allegedly hit $900,000, though they did sink to around a third of that number, when the economy was looking dire. This result is part of a larger trend for climbing values on local muscle.

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1970 Ford Falcon XW GT

Ford -falcon -xw -gt

Sold: $170,000
Lloyds, Qld

The relentless pace of Lloyds auctions clearly hasn't exhausted the market given the record result for this XW GT. If you were after one, it was a fine example to splash out on. It's a bit special, claiming one-owner status and running a 351 with a top-loader, the preferred package. Tidied up over the years, it was originally sold by Anderson Ford in Adelaide. XWs typically aren’t expected to pull as high numbers as the equivalent XY, though any sane person would be happy with either. What does this mean for XY prices?

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1991 Bentley Mulsane

Bentley -mulsanne

Sold: $9800
Anglia Car Auctions, UK

Absolutely outrageous, old chap. A lovely Bentley, worth $300,000 new, brought used-Commodore money in the savage UK car market. The 6.8lt Rolls-Royce V8-powered luxo saloon, with no condition report but with a documented history and current MOT, lucked out by sharing an auction with a couple of Arnage which brought new Commodore money.


On the block:

1938 Cadillac V16 Series 38-90

Cadillac -coupe

Estimate: $215-240,000
Shannons, NSW - May 22, 2017

We couldn't go past this one, a stunning Cadillac convertible coupe from 1938, with some of the best art deco styling ever seen. Most impressive is the 431ci (7.1lt) V16 powerplant, tied to a three-speed transmission with synchro. That engine was rated at 185hp – an incredible figure for the time – at 3600rpm. For its day, this represented cutting-edge motoring technology, something that was reflected in a price that was more than many houses and which would have bought you a lifetime supply of Chevrolets. In relative terms, it’s actually got cheaper over the years, given the estimate of $215-240k. Just 315 V16s of all body types were made in 1938 and the numbers dwindled further as a recession hit sales.


What's moving and shaking:

60s-80s 4x4s, any make

Toyota -landcruiser

The growth in 4x4 prices in the US classic car market in recent years has been stunning. While the pioneering SWB Land Rovers have justifiably had collector cachet for a while, it seems to be open season now. As long as they're nice examples, old G60 Patrols and early three-speed FJ40 'Cruisers are bringing top dollar. Even very ordinary achievers like International Scouts (remember them?) are doing the business.


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