Classic car owners of South Australia rejoice!

By: James Robinson, Unique Cars magazine

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Classic car rules have been modified in South Australia so that they’re now vaguely logical

If you currently own a vintage vehicle in South Australia and want to apply for the ‘$90, 90-day’ club registration scheme, chances are you’ve realised that there’s so much red tape involved it would be much easier to perform open heart surgery while blindfolded and with both hands tied behind your back.

That may sound like gross hyperbole, but in actuality it is an extremely difficult process with many, many limitations.

For example, say you own a vintage car that has drum brakes and, because you value your own life and the lives of others, you swap them out for a set of much safer, high performing disc brakes. Sounds perfectly reasonable right? Well because you’ve chosen to make your vintage car safer it’s now ineligible for club registration. Case closed.

What about if you are fond of music that was made after the death of the radio cassette and decide to install a CD player in your vintage ride? Well the good news is you can listen to all the new tunes you want, the bad news however is that you’ll be listening to those fresh beats in the driveway, because a CD player voids your car’s eligibility for club reg.

It all makes about as much logical sense as a battery powered vehicle that’s charged by a coal burning power station. That is to say, no sense whatsoever.

Do not despair however, because these draconian and quite frankly moronic rules are set to be quashed. In their place will be new, more lenient rules that also have the lovely addition of being vaguely reasonable.

Transport Minister for South Australia Stephen Mullighan says, "These common-sense changes mean that car enthusiasts can make modifications to their vehicles, such as cosmetic and safety improvements, without forcing them off the road and into the garage.

"Thousands of previously unused vehicles are also now expected to join the scheme, which will also support tourism events such as car runs, shows and concourse displays.’’

The new set of rules comes into effect from June 1, and could conceivably mean that you may be able to enjoy music from a CD while driving a car that isn’t going to kill you from a drum brake-related issue. Good times ahead.  

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