Busted ribs and busted car - Bowe takes a rest

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

bowe wired 1705 Bowe in a very unfamiliar environment. bowe wired 1705

Big Winton pile-up puts TCM champ out for a round

Busted ribs and busted car - Bowe takes a rest
This big pile-up at Winton saw several cars knocked out. (V8 Supercars)

Touring Car Masters series leader and race legend John Bowe is out for the next round at Hidden Valley in June, thanks to a massive pile-up at Winton last weekend.

He was one of several drivers to get embroiled in an incident which saw his Torana slammed against a wall, sustaining tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

Worse, JB himself has suffered a couple of broken ribs.

Incredibly this is the first time the champ has suffered a broken bone in his 40-plus year career which spans over 1000 starts.

Bowe is angry with what he sees as the waste involved.

"The Torana is incredibly damaged, and I have cracked ribs and am in lots of pain. All because someone had a bout of red mist!" he said on Facebook.

"Not only me but seven others have big repair bills and it makes our category look dumb.
These TCM cars are iconic and we can't afford to be crashing and destroying them."

A video of the crash, which stopped the race on the first lap, can be seen at the V8 Supercars site.

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