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By: James Robinson, Unique Cars magazine

2000 BMW Z8 2000 BMW Z8
2000 BMW Z8 2000 BMW Z8
2000 BMW Z8 2000 BMW Z8
2000 BMW Z8 2000 BMW Z8

It was good enough for Pierce Brosnan

Thanks to joining forces with, today’s tempter comes from… the UK.

And what a car! The BMW Z8 is a seriously cool car in pretty much every conceivable way, whether that be concept, construction or completion.

The Z8 was based off the 1997 Z07 concept car which was unveiled at the ’97 Tokyo Auto Show, and caused such a stir that BMW decided to turn its concept into a limited run, road-going super car.

Chris Bangle, provocateur of the automotive design world, spearheaded the design of the Z8, while Henrik Fisker designed the striking exterior and Scott Lempert designed the gorgeously minimalist interior.

The Z8s chassis and body panels were all aluminium, making it strong and light, and the Z8 derived its power from arguably one of the greatest BMW engines of all time, the 4.9L V8 codenamed ‘S62’, the same one used in the E39 M5.

The legendary powertrain pumped out 300kW and propelled the Z8 to 100km/h in a claimed 4.7 seconds, although some publications testing the Z8 at the time of its release recorded some much quicker times, as quick as 4.2 seconds, in fact.

Another cool and slightly anorak-ey fact about the Z8 is that the engine was mounted behind the front axle for better weight distribution, 50/50 to be exact. This helped tremendously with the way the car handled. Road & Track performance tested the Z8 when it was released and came to the conclusion that it outperformed the Ferrari 360 Modena in acceleration, handling and braking.

The other important thing to know about the Z8 is that it was a Bond car, so therefor it is cooler than the Fonz saying "Ayyy". The Z8 starred alongside Pierce Brosnan in The World Is Not Enough. The Z8 was defiantly the star of that show.

Anyway, this particular example is in pristine condition and is painted titanium silver with black nappa leather upholstery. It has travelled a mere 31,543 kilometres from new and it is absolutely stunning.

It has been fully optioned and includes: heated seats, wind deflector, factory hard top and a bespoke tool kit. Anyone interested in this vehicle can view the full listing here.

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