1999 Honda S2000 – Today’s High-Revving Tempter

By: James Robinson, Unique Cars magazine

1999 Honda S2000 1999 Honda S2000
1999 Honda S2000 1999 Honda S2000
1999 Honda S2000 1999 Honda S2000
1999 Honda S2000 1999 Honda S2000
1999 Honda S2000 1999 Honda S2000
1999 Honda S2000 1999 Honda S2000

Truly a modern-day classic

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Honda sure does know how to celebrate a birthday in style, especially its own. And what better way to celebrate your own 50th than by going into full mid-life crisis mode and getting a two-door, convertible sports car.

Released in 1999, the S2000 was a lightweight convertible sports car designed from the ground up to be a driving enthusiast’s dream.

For a start, the ‘S2K’ had a remarkable naturally aspirated 2.0lt 4-cylinder engine that pumped out a meaty 176kW and didn’t stop revving until it hit its 9000rpm redline. The Honda engine actually had the highest power per litre ratio of any naturally aspirated motor in the world until Ferrari brought out the 458.

Then there was the location of the motor in the S2000’s sleek body. Honda wanted to achieve a perfect 50-50 weight distribution to ensure the car would handle well, so, as a result, the donk was located in the front of the car but entirely behind the front axle, making the sports car front-mid engined. This placement also helped to greatly lower rotational inertia.  

The S2000’s production life spanned a decade, ending in 2009. That closure was mostly due to the financial crisis of 2008, which drastically impacted sales of the sports convertible. In fact, plans for the replacement car were permanently shelved in 2010, which is a real shame because, in the eyes of many, the S2K was one of the best sports cars of the first decade of the 21st century.   

This particular S2000 is a 1999 model, the first year of production. Finished in a ‘Laguna Seca’ blue, it’s said by the seller to be in immaculate condition. A Motec 600 engine management system and a tuned extractor are fitted to improve torque and overall power.

The seller is asking $18,900 for the S2K, which doesn’t seem like such a bad deal considering these cars are now starting to get a whiff of future classic about them.

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