Triple Monaro treat coming up at Lloyds

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Are your pockets deep enough to score a mini collection?

Lloyds auctions in Queensland will no doubt be hoping some of the magic from its last sale will rub off on this Saturday's event, when it brings down the hammer on a trio of Monaros.

They are: A 1970 HT GTS 350 auto (the final lot), a 1972 HQ GTS 308 with auto, and a 1976 HJ GTS 308 with auto.

The early car is a fully restored example, said to be done to a high standard. A similar lot broke some records last month when it scored a top bid of $310,000.

It's hard to miss the period 'Lone Ranger' colour scheme on the HQ, which has undergone a major restoration and looks exceptionally tidy. We're told it's running matching numbers.

Just two families have owned the HJ over its life and it's said to be a very original example with just 160,000km showing on the odometer.

Over 80 cars are on offer, ranging from rare and expensive to less so and very affordable. If nothing else, it's worth having a bit of a browse!

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